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The Reward Chart

The Reward Chart

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This simple reward chart means you can use it for a variety of different good deeds around the house or even for for chores completed around the house, toilet training the possibilities are endless. Each Reward chart has little notes along the way to encourage your child to keep going to get to the end. It's your choice what your child is rewarded once completing the reward chart but the Mocked Reward Tokens make a great reward system if you are looking for something. 

I suggest laminating this worksheet so you can use again and again, 

Reward charts are a great way to identify and encourage good behaviour and behaviour you want to teach your children to continue. You may choose to encourage a behaviour like brushing your teeth, or discourage a behaviour like hitting, or rewarding your child for practicing a new skill like packing away their toys without being asked, you choose what suits you and your child. 

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