Cake Toppers

Need to up your cake game? Add a touch of personalisation to your cake with our personalised cake toppers. Crafted from acrylic and timber with attention to detail, our toppers make the perfect finishing touch to your homemade or store bought cake.

Choose from a variety of materials, fonts and designs to create a topper that totally suits the theme, cake and celebration. 

Our cake toppers come in a range of stylish designs to suit any theme, from classic monograms and elegant calligraphy to modern geometric shapes and whimsical illustrations, we have a range of options to suit your style. 



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I am the face behind MOCKED. I am a mum of three beautiful kiddies and wife to my husband Trent, who you may see from time to time popping up on my socials or when you pick up your order at our Kirrawee studio. After leaving high school I studied to become a TAS teacher specialising in design, Food Technology and later Hospitality. After 13 years of being in the classroom and 3 kids later I am working casually while I give Mocked the extra time and attention it needs as we grow as a small business. 

I am passionate about creativity, and specialising in providing high-quality laser cutting services. I am dedicated to bringing your ideas to life by transforming various materials with the power of lasers.

Want to up your gift giving game? Personalise a cake with a kick arse cake topper? or turn your business logo into some seriously eye catching marketing signage? Well you have come to the right place!

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Whether you're a fellow small business, head of the P&C and looking for Mother's Day and Father's Day stall gifts, or are needing personalised corporate gifting, we have you covered. Get in touch today and enquire about our wholesale offers. NO MOQ and affordable prices with competitive margins.