The Spotted Oxford

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The Spotted Oxford
The Spotted Oxford
The Spotted Oxford

Handmade from 100% suede leather, these soft sole oxfords are perfect for babies and walking toddlers. They are the perfect statement piece for any fashionable baby and toddler. Oxfords are lace up at the front to make it easy for parents to put on and take off wriggling feet! Like all MOCKED moccasins the soft sole is perfect for your young child’s development whilst still protecting their feet as they explore the world around them.

Size Guide

Small | 11.5cm | 3-6months
Medium | 12.5cm | 6-12months
Large | 13.5cm | 12-18months
X-Large | 14.5cm | 18-24months

Please note that these sizes are a guide and are based on the average baby foot size. A tip when selecting the most appropriate size for your little one is to measure the sole of the foot from heel to toes and add 1cm. This will allow your babies feet room to wiggle and squirm as they master the art of walking.

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