The Canvas Sneaker

The Canvas Sneaker

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MOCKED hard sole shoes.

Once your baby has mastered the art of walking you may want to start introducing hard soled shoes to give them extra protection as they explore and adventure.

MOCKED rubber soled canvas sneaker is a perfect addition to any little boy or little girls shoe collection. Sneakers come in a variety of colours | navy, grey, khaki, white, yellow, pink, mauve, silver and gold.

Size guide

22 - 13.3cm
24 - 14.5cm
26 - 15.7cm
28 - 17cm
30 - 18.5cm
32 - 19.2cm
34 - 21cm
36 - 22cm

Please ensure when measuring your child's foot measure from their heel to top of toe. To make your measurement more accurate ask your child to stand whilst you measure.